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Let's get political, political!


A significant number of people in the chaos community is queer, and in this track we want to give this part of the community the opportunity to represent themselves.

  • Do you want to talk about your experience being a queer person in your Hackspace?
  • Do you know of any interesting studies that you want to share with us?
  • Some completely different ideas?

Our aim is to provide a diverse set of talks that represents our community in an authentic way.


As a society we face the rising issue of right-extremism and neo-nazis, and thus cannot ignore this issue as neither the chaos-community or humans. For this year, we explicitly want to provide space for talks about this issue on our stage. How can we effectively employ countermeasures against this issue of a right-shift in our society?

Climate catastrophe

We now know that we will miss the Paris climate goals which were intended to prevent the looming climate crisis by a huge margin. "Fridays for Future" and other activist groups made obvious that the public won't just ignore this. Where and how can we as the chaos-community support these groups?

The real basics about bits and nibbles

We want to offer some talks about computers at this congress, that explicitly are designed for an audience that is not super tech-savy, grew up in the internet or can fluently read "brainfuck", but is still interested in the topic "computers". You want to talk about fundamental basics, how a webbrowser actually works, what the heck this thing called "linux" is about and what systemadministrators even do all day? This track is for you!

All about computers

You spent the last year intensely working on a cool topic and want to share your knowledge with other people? Which exciting and interesting security issues did you find? Have you managed to connect your toasteroven to the DECIX with 100Gbit/s? Computers on a socia-political layer are "your thing" and you can give us a glimpse into that topic?

Non-computer stuff

You're excited about a topic or project that is not computer related? Be it thinks like knitting, building musical instruments, building paper modells, origami, cosplay, papermaking, adulting or something else entirely - what do you do when you're not interacting with a computer? The more obscure the better!

Games are important for the revolution!

Talks are great, games are greaterer! Four days of blabla and hackhack - Let's Play! If you've got something amusing, a neat game, some poetry, a melody, stand-up comedy you are welcome to try it together with us on our stage! Gameshows, Powerpoint-karaoke and karaoke-choreographys are welcome as well.

Carpet of sounds

For the evening entertainment we are looking - like last year - for VJs and DJs.
Please write us some words what you would like to do musically or optically, if you have a wish DJ/VJ with whom you would like to DJ and what equipment you need.

You are welcome to organize a panel discussion round for all topics.

Your Chaos-West Content Team

PS: Of course we adhere to the CCC-Unvereinbarkeitserklärung: We are a galactic community of living beings, independent of age, gender, descent and social status, open to all who have new ideas. But those who approach us with ideas of racism, exclusion, and the structural and physical violence associated with it have abandoned dialogue and are beyond the limits of acceptance.

PPS: Unlike the official stages we can NOT provide a congress ticket for you.

This Call for Papers closed on 2019-11-25 00:10 (Europe/Berlin).