35c3 Chaos West

»GNUnet to the rescue!«
2018-12-27, 16:00–16:20, Chaos West Stage

GNUnet is a new network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications. You will learn which problems GNUnet can help to solve. This talk is a introductory talk to motivate you joining the workshops of the GNUnet assembly.

GNUnet is a metadata-preserving foundation for your application, covering areas from addressing, to reliable bidirectional Axolotl-encrypted channels, with advanced routing. You will hear about

  • GNS, "a censorship-resistant, privacy-preserving and decentralized name system designed to provide a secure alternative to DNS, especially when censorship or manipulation is encountered."
  • CADET, "a new algorithm for establishing robust end-to-end transport-layer connections in completely self-organized networks with-out a central authority."
  • secushare, an application for distributed, privacy preserving, "real" social networking.