35th Chaos Communication Congress at Chaos-West

Cloudcalypse: It looks like you've reached the end. How to take your data into net2o
2018-12-29, 16:30–17:20, Chaos West Stage

The GPDR allows to take out your data out of the collapsing cloud (Google+ sunset: August 2019, Facebook jumping from data breach to breach, github now part of Microsoft), but the challenge is to take it into something else. This talk will show how to move it into net2o, a peer to peer system. #ybti #wefixthenet

Talk structure

  1. Motivation: The Internet is broken, it needs to be fixed.
    • Special highlight: Data in the cloud — up at whim to whoever owns that cloud
    • Nonfree software as a service means your data is useless without the service
    • Why free software means you have to operate it yourself
  2. What is net2o:
    • peer to peer protocol stack
    • last years' talk: application layer framework.
    • this year: Let's talk about actual applications.
  3. The technical challenge
    • how does data takeouts look like (Examples: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, blogger.com)
    • What kind of data does net2o want?
    • Convert the data
    • Done
  4. The non-technical challenge
    • Get your contacts to net2o, too.