35th Chaos Communication Congress at Chaos-West

9 out of 10 x86_64 firmware vendors will hate this talk!
2018-12-29, 16:00–16:20, Chaos West Stage

We'll give a short introduction what you might find in your machines firmware and tell the story of two hackers that magically found tens of thousands x86_64 firmware images in their backyard as well as their journey to explore common configuration fuckups, update frequencies and potential security risks.

24 vendor images that will make you wonder where we all went wrong

2 hackers looked over 5 mins on several thousand firmware images an you'll never guess what they found!

These 6 x86_64 vendors belong in jail

What happens when you suddenly find tenth of thousand firmware images in your backyard

On a level from coreboot to [censored]. How fucked are you?

You won't believe what vendors put in your firmware image.

Everything you need to know if all your friends are apparently????? Having non-free firmware????

42 Facts about vendor firmware that'll probably make you want to start your own coreboot port.

Sorry, but you have to decide between these few firmware vendors.

These are the biggest firmware trends of 2018, according to these two people