35c3 Chaos West

35c3 Chaos West Vortragende: Peer Springstübe

I tried to get the most out of university by learning different aspects of computer science, with focus on embedded systems and machine learning, while also studying physics and philosophy. I'm currently working with industrial IoT, creating devices for existing problems instead of inventing problems to try and sell unnecessary solutions.

Have an urge do create stuff with interesting technologies in my free time, so I try to keep some people around me, to do that together. Based in Hamburg.

I'm heavily involved with the assembly Deep Cyber.


Long range radio communication for everyone using LoRaWAN.

Having lots of ideas for wireless technical gadgets but your WLAN range is to short? Building a sensor network, but you are tired of wiring the sensors together? LoRaWAN could be the way out of those traps for your next project! Set up a single gateway, and you will be able to deploy a ton of devices in kilometres of range. And what is best, there is even a cooperative community about it. You will provide your neighbours with LoRaWAN, too!