35c3 Chaos West

35c3 Chaos West speaker: Hetti

Technical Computer Science student from Vienna with a passion for IT Security and geeky stuff.

He is one of the board members of the finest Viennese Hackspace Metalab . In his free time he enjoys travelling to community based IT Conferences. The Viennese Cryptoparty is organized by him, where he also holds lectures and workshops about a broad range of IT Security & Privacy topics.

You can also find him at the Chaos Computer Club Vienna (C3W) . On some weekends he is hunting flags with the successful academic CTF Team We_0wn_Y0u .


Security Expedition in b0rkenLand - Watch out! There are dangerous Security Problems

2018 started really well for the internet regarding computer security. Let's take care of it and bring it to a good end. A small travel from broken metal chunks to "undocumented user accounts" and other security holes. There will be a recap of security problems from well known and also lesser known products presented.