35c3 Chaos West

35c3 Chaos West speaker: Kirils Solovjovs

Mg. sc. comp. Kirils Solovjovs is the most visible white-hat hacker in Latvia having discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in information systems of both national and international significance. Kirils is one of the authors of the jailbreak tool for Mikrotik RouterOS. He has extensive experience in network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering and penetration testing.


Toll of personal privacy in 2018

We are well into 21st century and the all-digital promise land is just around the corner. What will happen to those of us who choose to retain our privacy by not joining the digital revolution? And most importantly how do we shape the revolution in a way that we can both reap the benefits brought to us by new technologies, while still keeping our private lives undisturbed?