35th Chaos Communication Congress at Chaos-West

Your Hackspace: Decentralized, Networked, Political

We are looking for talks about Hackspaces as a place of exchange, political organization and tinkering. Share your tips and experiences! How do you spend your free time and what is all jokes now?

Hackspace Culture

The topic "Hackspace culture" is about the how? and wow! of your hackspace.
Introduce us to your hackspace. How do you coordinate and organize projects? Do you cooperate with political organizations? Is your hackspace clean and if so, how did you manage that? Who actually does the club work? Where does your money come from and how do you spend it? Stickers? Do you have any concepts for "Knock, knock, this is the police"? Are you paranoid or post-privacy?

Take back the net!

The Internet is an internet of corporations. It is dominated by search and addiction machines made by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Epic Games and others. How do social media and games change our behaviour? How do the algorithms work through which we view our reality? Can we build transparent, decentralized alternatives or is retreating into the carbon-based world our only way out?

Social and political challenges

In a hackspace we not only want to face technical challenges, but also make the world a bit better. How do we deal with structural inequalities, discrimination and problematic status quo? How can we recognize these issues and work out solutions?

Hacking 101

Give a talk about IT security basics! What is XSS? What is a buffer overflow and what can you do with it? How does an SQL injection work? Answer the questions everyone is afraid to ask.

Topic games and fun

Talks are great, but games are more fun! Four days of blah-blah and hack-hack get boring - let's play! Do you have something entertaining, a little game, a piece of poetry, a melody, stand-up comedy? Let's try it together on stage. Game shows, Powerpoint karaoke and karaoke choreographies are welcome.


In addition to the topics mentioned above, we also have "miscellaneous", because diversity is fun. So if you want to give a talk on another topic, then bring it on!

Carpet of sounds

For the evening entertainment we are looking - like last year - for VJs and DJs.
Please write us some words what you would like to do musically or optically, if you have a wish DJ/VJ with whom you would like to DJ and what equipment you need.

Chaos West is an initiative of hackspaces from North Rhine-Westphalia. Like last year we are preparing a stage for you and us. This includes a humongous stage with LED screen, 2 cameras, live stream and archiving at media.ccc.de - if you like.

If you have an idea right now or one comes to you later, just turn it in. "#tuwat!" Just do it! Click here and become part of the Chaos-West-Assembly Experience! fahrplan.chaos-west.de.

Your Chaos-West Team

PS: Of course we adhere to the CCC Declaration of Incompatibility: We are a galactic community of beings, independent of age, gender and descent as well as social position, open to all with new ideas. But those who come up to us with ideas of racism, exclusion and the structural and physical violence associated with it, have said goodbye to dialogue and are beyond the limits of acceptance.

PPS: This year we accept talks about blockchain and crypto currencies only held in Klingon.

PPPS: Unlike the official stages, we cannot provide you with tickets.

This Call for Papers closed on 2018-11-26 14:37 (Europe/Berlin).